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No Credit Check

We don't know why you're interested in articles about services for people who don't want to go through a credit check. We think that's your business. We do understand that people have made mistakes, and we don't think people should suffer for them. So we've provided resources and articles for people interested in going through life with "no credit check." Enjoy.

One piece of advice warrants mentioning right here on the home page, and it applies to just about every page of our site. Pay cash for anything you can.

The best way to go through life without having to get a credit check is to be debt-free and frugal.

We do provide information about getting loans, financing, and credit cards even if you have bad credit or no credit, but your first route should almost always be to cut back on your spending.

Some of the subjects we cover on this site include how to rent a car without a credit card, how to get student loans without a credit check, and what to do about a mortgage or a home loan if you have iffy credit.

We also include information about buying cars at used car lots, finding signature loans, and even getting satellite television without credit checks.

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